FALLing for Color

Fall Season is nearly upon us and nothing is better in the NC Mountains than the leaf coverage. The mass color change is followed in true fandom from locals to visitors alike. With the mix of cool temperatures, warm apple cider, and cozy sweaters, September welcomes the first breadths of fall. The fall season would not be complete without its complete expansion of the red, orange, and gold hues. Peak leaf week is considered the sweet spot in fall leaf viewing – hitting that perfect time to visit always proves to be a challenge thanks to mother nature.

Here are some simple helpful tips to plan your perfect fall leaf escape in North Carolina:

Watch the Weather

Predicting peak leaf week is like predicting the weather – projections are made off of prior years’ data and some contributing natural elements. The weather itself has a huge hand in when and where the leaf colors appear, based on elements such as sun exposure, rain coverage, and soil conditions. Like any plant, the amount of rain and sun the trees get will affect their progression from green to a colorful array.

Plan by the Peaks

The first reveals of color happen higher, starting with higher elevations. Peaks of mountains will be the best foreshadowing of when the leaf colors will appear. Once the tips begin showing hues, the surrounding mountains and valleys are soon quick to follow. Beginning this next week, elevations of 6,000 or higher such as Rough Ridge on the Blue Ridge Parkway may begin to see some first splashes of color. With each week that passes once entering fall, the colors will continue to emerge as they come down the mountain. The Blue Ridge Parkway should be completely immersed in fall colors by mid-October, followed by Asheville by the end of the month. Because Lake Lure sits at elevations of 1,000-2,000, the Hickory Nut Gorge and surrounding area should receive its transformation around the first week of November.

Short but Spectacular

As its name would suggest, peak leaf week is fleeting and only lasts around a week with its most vibrant and full colors. Once the week mark has passed, the red/orange/gold hues begin to darken and fade into brown and begin to fall off the trees. Fall colors will remain around longer, but the jaw-dropping full colors are a timely treat.

Leaves in Lake Lure

There really isn’t a bad seat in the house when it comes to seeing the leaf change at Lake Lure. The trees wrap around the lake and display the full array of fall colors amplified by their reflections off the calm waters. Sometimes the best spot is parked on the beach at Rumbling Bald with a warm cup of cider and a blanket to take it all in. Or board one of our Scenic Lake Lake Boat Tours and view all the leaf colors from the luxury of the water. It’s also the perfect time to hit one of the trails around Lake Lure to survey the leaves from a bird’s eye view. Take a look from the great Bald Mountain yourself or take a quick drive over to Chimney Rock and see the entire gorge bathed in color.

Enjoy all the best in fall colors and mountain escapes during your stay at Rumbling Bald on Lake Lure. The picturesque 3,000+ acre community takes its name from the 3,200-foot mountain, Rumbling Bald, with its towering cliffs perched high above the beautiful Lake Lure. The whole family can take part in amenities such as golf, hiking trails, private beach access, courts, spa/salon, boating, private lake access, and so much more. The fall season is the best time to be out and active in the mountain air at Rumbling Bald.

Plan your fall leaf exploration now.

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