5 Ways to Connect with Nature

A trip to the mountains of North Carolina offers a plethora of sights that go beyond just the beautiful landscapes. While Rumbling Bald offers you the best in relaxation by the lake and mountain views, it is only the beginning of all that you will experience here. The mountains and waters of Lake Lure, North Carolina create the perfect backdrop for some of the most spectacular creations of nature and connect you to something beyond yourself. Immersing yourself in the landscape of the mountains only increases your experience and connects you on another level to the world around you.

Here are five ways to take your trip to Rumbling Bald on the natural journey:

Catch a Sunset or Sunrise

Nothing beats the kaleidoscope of colors reflecting off the water of Lake Lure or the perfect framing it gives to the mountains. Seemingly travel in time as you watch the colors emerge and fade in only minutes to transform the mountains around you. Some of the best spots to observe are only minutes from you at Rumbling Bald – pick a spot on the private beach or hike to a higher peak around Lake Lure. Get your front-row seat for the ultimate platform to see all the lake and the world around it.

Visit a State Park

Chimney Rock State Park is mere minutes from Rumbling Bald and contains over 8,000 acres in the state park. You and the whole family can participate in some outdoor recreation by climbing up the stairs to “the Rock” overlooking the gorge and all of Lake Lure. State Parks like Chimney Rock offer protected spaces of nature dedicated to preservation and education of these places we call home. Be on the lookout for local plants and animals that call state parks home as well. All trails are marked with what you might see along the way. Go find those “wow” moments in these preserved mountain landscapes.

Take a Hike

Rumbling Bald is home to a private trailhead access to the Buffalo Creek Park, beginning on the 3.5 loop trail – perfect for bikers and hikers alike. Buffalo Creek Park is one of the largest town owned parks in the state holding over 1,500 acres of forest and trails snaking throughout. Hiking through the mountains around Lake Lure will offer you views ranging from waterfalls, mountains, all of the Hickory Nut Gorge and Lake Lure, and the NC mountains. Explore new places in a completely natural and authentic way that will allow your mind to wander and center on just being in place.

Cook over a Bonfire

Try your hand at cooking over an open flame. Have a classic cookout with the kids of hotdogs and burgers maybe with a side of smores. Surrounded by mountain scenery and the outdoors, experience all the senses during this out of doors experience. Grilling out reaches a new level when it’s done via an open flame or charcoal. Utilize the multiple grilling stations around the property to assist in your perfect night – by the lake, on the beach, nestled in the words. Every family should witness the sticky mess but total fun that comes with a smores night.

Stare at the Stars

Take a trip to the stars and unfold the history that remains. Discover some of the constellations that decorate the evening sky like Orion – The Hunter. Try to spot the bow from Orion or the large handle of The Great Bear – Ursa Major. Whether it’s a meditative experience for you, searching for calm or the excitement of spotting a shooting star, you’ll find something to entrance you.

Rumbling Bald is the perfect home for your outdoor mountain adventures. Your stay includes access to the private Bald Mountain Lake for kayaking or fishing, two golf courses, trails, and other lake activities. With hiking trails that start on the property, RB connects you to countless other nearby hiking trails in the Lake Lure area. RB transports you to a place before city lights that dwells in the remote and the natural beauty. Fall in love with the outdoors and the adventure of Lake Lure, North Carolina.

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