Rumbling Bald on Lake Lure is tucked away in the Blue Ridge Mountains – concealing not only spectacular views, but also unique fun. Lake Lure is the perfect summer getaway location for the whole family with plenty of things to do at RB for every age. And around town is no different. One of our favorite spots beyond our RB property is the zipline course at Canopy Ridge Farms. Located only a few miles from Rumbling Bald, spend a few hours speeding through the tree lines of Lake Lure and make memories that every age will enjoy.

Take a look at our last adventure at Canopy Ridge along with some good tips and tricks:

Every zip liner starts out with gearing up – helmet, harness, and your own personal line strap. You can even throw a little go pro on your helmet to score some cool mementos (ask about it when you check in). While you get geared up, you’ll be meeting your guide for the day, so this is a great opportunity to ask any lingering questions or just get to know your guide. You’ll find quite a few characters leading your adventure that will be sure to make it plenty of fun!

After gearing up, your adventure starts off in a cross country ride up to the first line – so be ready for a fun but bumpy ride. For those who are a little more sensitive to heavy motion, make sure to grab the seats facing forward. Hang on tight or strap yourself in for a little more security as you take the ride up.

The zipline course at Canopy Ridge encompasses six zip lines in varying lengths and speed. All the lines start off an elevated platform and end on the ground. One guide will ensure you are locked in and ready to go off the jump along with the other guide stopping you on the other side. You won’t have to worry about breaking yourself and your guides will help lead you in the proper dismount and landing during your tour. To avoid coming in backwards, try to keep from spinning during your time on the zip line – your harness will allow you to spin 360 degrees – so be prepared for a little movement as you go through the course. It’s all about letting loose and having a good time.

As you come to a stop off each line, be sure to bend your knees as you come into each stop. Each zip line and experience is different; however, this is something that even the younger kids should be able to handle (4 and older). With the guides braking you off each line, all you need to think about is having a great time. Appreciate the views and the unique experience of a different perspective.

Rumbling Bald on Lake Lure is considered by many to be the central hub for fun excursions in the Western NC area. With all that you can do at Rumbling Bald, the potential for fun around the area is truly limitless when you start here. With so many exclusive offerings along with beautiful location and views, Rumbling Bald is your destination for the summer season. Come stay with us and unlock Western NC. Choose from a variety of Lake Lure Vacation Rentals that range from a condo for two or a twelve-person mountain home. Not only the central hub for local excursions, Rumbling Bald offers our guests quality dining, two professional golf coursesspa and salonlake activities, private beach access, and much more. Rumbling Bald is the perfect destination for seasonal activities and beyond.