When people think of Valentine’s Day, they think of romance, of red hearts and fine chocolate, of perfect gifts and perfect love. All of which can be incredibly stressful. Like so many other occasions, Valentine’s Day has been loaded down with many expectations of how it “should” be, that the actual act of taking the time to enjoy loving and being loved by that special someone in your life can get lost in all the cards, flowers, candy, fancy dinner reservations, expensive gifts, etc. Not surprisingly, the number one piece of advice when it comes to removing the stress from your Valentine’s Day is to talk to your partner about how the two of you want to celebrate your relationship in general terms, and then let the day progress just as the two of you would like. 

At Rumbling Bald Resort, we agree with the notion of a stress-free Valentine’s Day focused on the important things, and our Valentine’s Getaway is a great way to make that happen! Spend the weekend in one of our vacation homes, condos, or studios with incredible views of Lake Lure and the Blue Ridge Mountains all around. No matter what the two of you enjoy doing together, you’ll find it either at Rumbling Bald or just a short, scenic drive away. If golf is what you fancy, check out our Stay & Play Specials. Meanwhile, there’s always the tennis and pickleball courts if you’re in the mood for some friendly competition, either between the two of you, or perhaps with another couple on the opposite side of the net. And don’t forget to treat your sweetheart to a romantic dinner with a chef-inspired Valentine’s menu at Legends on the Lake.

If you’re into a less strenuous time, the Spa at Rumbling Bald is ready to accommodate you with our salon, massage therapy, and a full range of relaxing treatments that will melt the stress away. Follow that up with a mouth-watering, Valentine’s dinner special at Legends on the Lake restaurant!  Of course, sometimes there’s nothing like staying in, and no matter what style of accommodation you’ve chosen at Rumbling Bald, you’ll have a space that’s perfect for remembering why the two of you are together.

Moreover, that’s just some of what’s available on Rumbling Bald Resort itself! Chimney Rock State Park is just a few miles away, and will be offering a special Valentine’s Day deal. Just an hour away from the resort is the award-winning Blue Ridge Distillery, home of Defiant Whisky, with tours and tastings available by appointment. Plus, Rumbling Bald Resort is just under an hour away from the shops, restaurants, concerts, and events in Asheville, NC, so you can enjoy a day in the city while looking forward to returning to your lakeside retreat. Above all, a Valentine’s Getaway at Rumbling Bald Resort, allows you to celebrate your love your way, and at your own pace. Call 828-694-3016 to make your reservations, or visit our website at RumblingBald.com.