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Apple Valley

Apple Valley is the rarest of layouts. Routed through the Blue Ridge foothills surrounding scenic Lake Lure, it enjoys a stunning western North Carolina mountain setting. Golf course architect Dan Maples, son of famed Ellis Maples, designed Apple Valley with the vast majority of holes playing either level or downhill. Stretching to 6,800 yards from the tips, it has hosted numerous championships and tournaments. With five sets of tees starting at 4,617 yards and subtle green complexes with gently undulating greens, Apple Valley is also eminently playable.

Tee Times

To make a tee time simply call the Pro Shop directly at 828.694.3043

Groups and Packages

We offer a variety of group packages and seasonal specials. Click here for more information.


Both golf courses offer the E-Z-GO electric cart for your enjoyment. Each golf cart is outfitted with rain hoods, sand bottles, and USB ports for all your charging needs.

Apple Valley is unique as it offers these extra additions for your enjoyment.

  • Coolers with complimentary water
  • Rolled towels in each cart

To book tee times, please call the Apple Valley Golf Shop at 828.694.3043. Frost Delay Line: 828.625.1985

Course Information

Hours of Operations: 8:30am – 4pm (daily)

Address: 309 Winesap Rd, Lake Lure, NC 28746

Dress Code
Proper golf attire is required on the golf course, driving range, and putting green at all times. No cutoffs, short shorts, tennis shorts, jeans of any kind, tank tops, track shorts or halter tops are allowed and proper footwear is required. The use of metal spikes is prohibited.

Live Apple Valley Golf Course Webcam

Webcam overlooking our Apple Valley golf course.

Hole by Hole


Hole 1 • Par 4

Our opening hole is a straightforward par 4 that is slightly downhill.  The best placement is on top of the plateau to have a good second shot into the green.

Apple Valley Hole 2

Hole 2 • Par 5

Our second hole is a long, dogleg right par 5.  No matter which tees you play, this par 5 requires 3 shots to get to the green.  Be very observant of where the pin location is because it’s a three-tier green that slopes severely back to front.  Ideal position is to be short and leave yourself with an uphill putt.


Hole 3 • Par 3

This straight par 3 is simple.  Ideal shot is to be in the middle of the green when the pin is in the back to leave an uphill putt for birdie.


Hole 4 • Par 4

This downhill, dogleg right par 4 demands precision shot off the tee to leave perfect position for 2nd shot into the green.  The green slopes severely from left to right and the ideal landing is right side of the green, no matter the pin location.


Hole 5 • Par 4

This straightaway par 4 runs parallel to Bills Creek Road. The only obstacle for this hole is the creek that starts in the middle from the tee box view and runs down the left side of the hole.


Hole 6 • Par 5

The #1 handicap hole demands a precise and accurate tee shot.  There is a creek that runs along the right side and out-of-bounds along the left.  Don’t be too aggressive with your 2nd shot, especially when the pin location is in the back.  Play into the green short and let the ball roll out.


Hole 7 • Par 4

This hole demands a well placed tee ball as hitting the fairway is a must. Your 2nd shot is uphill and the green slopes right to left.


Hole 8 • Par 3

One of the most picturesque holes on the front nine with an amazing view of Bald Mountain, but don’t get caught up in the view as this par 3 demand your attention.  This hole plays true to the yardage given and requires the full club to carry the pond that guards the front of the green.


Hole 9 • Par 4

The first half is almost over.  This straightaway par 4 plays uphill, especially with the 2nd shot.  Make sure to grab enough club and hit either short left or the left side of the green.  May the force be with you if you are to the right of the green as the green slopes severely from right to left.


Hole 10 • Par 4

“George of the Jungle, watch out for that tree!” This hole has one major obstacle, a large tree in the middle of the fairway.  Be very mindful of out-of-bounds along the right side of the hole.


Hole 11 • Par 4

This straightaway, downhill par 4 requires a smart tee shot.  Your second shot has to clear a pond.  Do not pin seek or go long.  Ideal shot location is to be short and give yourself an uphill putt.


Hole 12 • Par 4

Tough choices can lead to a great reward.  This par 4 is split down the middle with a creek and causes one to pick either the right fairway or the left.  Choosing left requires hang time to safely cross and reach the green.


Hole 13 • Par 4

Looks can be deceiving. This slightly uphill par 4 demands a 2nd shot uphill.  Ideal location to play your 2nd shot is short right as this green slopes severely back to front.


Hole 14 • Par 3

Our signature par 3 stares at Young’s Mountain from the tee box.  This hole is downhill with the green sloping back to front. Don’t be short here.


Hole 15 • Par 5

Our “easiest” par 5 is straight away and downhill.  This hole also requires 3 shots to reach this two-tiered green.


Hole 16 • Par 4

This straightaway par 4 is trouble-free from the tee.  This green is well guarded on the left by a pond.  This green rolls back to front and left to right towards the pond.


Hole 17 • Par 3

This uphill par 3 requires one club from normal yardage club to carry the pond that is in front of the tee box. Playing the left side of the green is safe as this green is two-tiered and slopes back to front and right to left.


Hole 18 • Par 5

Our home hole is a straightaway par 5 with a pond running along the right side and out-of-bounds the left.  This hole requires 3 shots to reach the green. Be mindful of the pin location, back right is a “no-go” as the right side is guarded with a bunker in front and the pond on the right.