The Boys and Girls of Summer—Behind the Scenes at Kids Adventure Camp

Ask an 8-year-old what the best part of Kids Adventure Camp is and you’ll get a definite—and honest—answer.  Speed tubing, lunch and swimming (in that order).  Ask his fellow campers that same question?  Expect to hear speed tubing, a lot.  And receive similar replies: (a) high energy, high speed and/or soaking wet activity, (b) lunch, (c) variation on a.  After all, there are three things sure to top any kid’s wish list—summer vacation, lunch, and lots of fun stuff to do!  

Rumbling Bald on Lake Lure delivers on all the above, including lunch, at its popular day camps.  Every June through August, the dedicated camp counselors and RB staff design action-packed, outdoor activities for campers aged 6-18.  Nestling amid the majestic backdrop of Lake Lure and the Blue Ridge Mountains, young adventurers can enjoy a variety of land and water sports.  Camp activities vary day to day.


Land lovers can get their thrills riding horses from Cedar Creek Stables along local trails, mining for rocks, minerals and gemstones that are some of North Carolina’s most abundant natural resources, or flying through the leafy forest canopy on a zip line with guides from Boulderline Adventure.  If none of those strike your child’s fancy, there’s mountain biking, pickleball, basketball, miniature golf, hiking, rock climbing, tennis, group games and arts & crafts.  If your darling offspring is secretly part-dolphin, then Lake Lure Adventure Company supplies just the right aquatic thrill as operators of the ever popular speed tubing excursion

Mom and Dad can also relax, knowing their children are closely supervised thanks to the watchful eyes of caring, experienced instructors.  As a matter of fact, some families plan their summer vacation around Kids Adventure Camp.  Many return year after year so their children can take advantage of the unique natural beauty and recreational opportunities that Rumbling Bald offers and, most importantly, to renew relationships with camp counselors Marisa “Mo” Judson and Taylor McDaniel.  The limited number of children accepted at each camp allows Mo and Taylor to not only provide hands-on instruction and ensure safety but to also get to know the children individually.  The close bonds that develop as a consequence are evident when the camp counselors who lead them on their summer adventures make the list of top reasons the kids love Adventure Camp.  Even though it’s hard to compete with speed tubing and lunch, counselors do just that and win. Returning campers consider camp counselors part of their extended family; Mo and Taylor likewise enjoy watching the children grow and change as the summers pass.  

Even with all the energetic hurly burly of summer fun and nonstop action on or near the lake, it’s the unique family atmosphere and close community ties that make Adventure Camp thrive.  Community businesses support the various activities featured at the different camps—even down to an impromptu dockside inner tube repair so a very important round of speed tubing could continue as planned.  It’s that kind of personal connection and commitment to sharing the best of what the Lake Lure area has to offer that keeps kids and their families coming back, hopefully for years to come. 

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