Why to Have a Destination Wedding

Rumbling Bald on Lake Lure is home to many one-of-a-kind spectacular views– making it the perfect place to host your special day. Take all the magical moments and combine them in one place along with the people you hold most dear. Destination weddings offer many benefits and make planning your wedding so much easier.

Here are some advantages to start planning your Rumbling Bald wedding:

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One Location

Destination weddings combine all the fun in one spot. Rumbling Bald has multiple locations for you to choose from for all aspects of your wedding and can help provide special gatherings for both pre and post wedding celebrations. Let us set up a little bonfire on the beach to welcome the whole crew in or have a post reception evening cocktails at Legends on the Lake. There is even a bridal suite included to assist in the getting ready stage for the bridal party along with our salon and spa services. A destination wedding means an all-inclusive experience – once you arrive, you shouldn’t have to leave.

Cost Efficient

Destination weddings offer more inclusive packages by combining multiple venues and expenses to one location. Keeping your cost to one entity helps cut down on the overall price of your wedding – without taking away from the experience. Rumbling Bald’s wedding packages include your ceremony location, table, chairs, basic linens, silverware, tableware, and reception space. With various venue locations on property, each location coincides with a particular package. If you have the basic idea of how you want your wedding to look, get a starting quote to see how feasible having your wedding here could be.

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Less Stress

Rumbling Bald has a dedicated wedding staff that works internally throughout all departments to coordinate scheduling, location, food, décor, and accommodations. Our wedding specialist offers planning to help couples coordinate photographers, vendors, and guest bookings all local or in house. We can also offer you a list of professional and bride approved local vendors that are always excellent. Our dedicated team will be with you every step of the way to create your Rumbling Bald wedding. Let the professionals take care of the planning and let you focus on what matters most…enjoying your special day.

Destination Landscape

As you would expect, the “destination” aspect of a destination wedding tends to be a large focal point in your special day. Rumbling Bald boasts a stunning lake view framed by beautiful mountains. Our wedding gazebo has the backdrop of the lake beachside and the striking feature of Bald Mountain just off the beach. You’ll fall in love with the scenery and charm of this mountain escape in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

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Family Friendly

Staying here entitles you to exclusive guest amenities that allow for the whole family to enjoy the trip with ease. Rumbling Bald boasts two golf courses, numerous restaurants, pools, spa and salon, mini golf, boating on the lake, private beach front, hiking trails, and more. Plus, instead of staying in a crowded hotel room that never seems to be big enough, choose a rental home with separate rooms, laundry, kitchen, and common areas where the whole family can have the comfort of home while enjoying the wedding.

Memories for You and Your Guests

A destination wedding at Rumbling Bald brings together all the aspects of your wedding and beyond into one place where the sole focus is you and the special people in your life. These elements come together to help make your wedding day as spectacular as you imagine. With a memorable location and inclusive additions, you and your guests will leave with authentic and long-lasting memories.

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Rumbling Bald on Lake Lure is one of Western North Carolina’s Top Wedding Destinations. The first day of your new life deserves a beautiful starting place. With so many exclusive offerings along with beautiful location and views, select Rumbling Bald for your happily-ever-after moment. Not just the central hub for your destination wedding, Rumbling Bald offers you and your guests quality dining, professional golf, spa and salon, private beach access, and much more – all in one location. Guests can also choose from a variety of Lake Lure Vacation Rentals that range from a condo for two or a twelve-person mountain home. No matter the season, Rumbling Bald will make your special day a dream come true.

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